Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Teacher Planning and Organization - Top 5 List

Planning for the upcoming week is always something I look forward to.  I know that's weird, but I am a type A personality.  There are several steps to the process to ensure the week is going to be up and going by Monday morning.

Here is a list of tasks that must be completed prior to students entering the classroom along with some of my classroom organization supplies:

1) Reading and math work stations must be out along with a rotation chart.  My station rotation chart does not change every week.  If students seem to be working well together and things are flowing smoothly, I just let them keep the same partners and rotation schedule.  If you would like to see my rotation chart, click here to download: Reading Work Station Chart
I also have one for math here: Math Work Station Rotation Chart  Students go to a different station each day once they finish their math lesson for the day.  I put different games, flash cards, and activities that students can use review their standards.

2) Reading study guide needs to be copied on the back of my weekly newsletter.

3) I have to look at my pacing guide to see what concepts and themes I have planned in my teacher planning calendar for the week. Lesson Plans need to be completed and emailed to my principal, accompanied with state standards.  I haven't used a teacher planning book in years.  Once I started doing my plans on the computer, I just use that to revise each year and add to.  It really helps when you can change the date, adjust your lessons to your kiddos and be done.  Of course, I can't do the exact same thing every year.  I keep the best lessons and change up to add new and improved.  This has worked well for me.

4) Test papers for weekly reading tests need to be copied and placed in Friday's folder and an art or fun activity needs to be planned for students to do when they are finished with testing.  This will keep students quiet and engaged while others are given time to finish.

5) Read Alouds need to be planned and put in Monday-Friday folders. This week it will be finishing Stone Fox.


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