Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Celebrate Second Grade Classroom Decor

Our  Celebrate Second Grade Classroom Decor 

Well, I didn't get to paint my classroom the first summer, but my dear sweet hubby helped me this past summer.  We painted late at night because he has a business and I help him in my spare time.  It took several long nights and lots of country songs later, but we managed to get it taken care of the week before the kiddos arrived.  I chose to go with 2 colors and they make me happy when I walk in the room, so maybe I did something right.

2 Tone Classroom Paint with Pom Poms

 The pom poms were an addition as well.  I made them myself thanks to a Pinterest tutorial!

 Picture Before Leaderhip Words

Camp Lead a Lot
Display Bookcase for Beginning of Year

I used the book shelf to display camping gear...picnic basket, fake food, fishing basket, flashlight, and of course by beginning of the year favorite books to read.  The kiddos loved it.  They were especially questioning of the fake bread! :) 

Picture After Leadership Words

Leadership Inspiration Words

 I wanted something on the wall that showcased inspiring words.  My goal...leader in me style...I guess it has taken hold of my to display quotes throughout my classroom.  I have a Cricut and I use sticky vinyl to print so that I can paste on the wall easily.  I have printed a ton for our school.  My room has taken a back burner until now.  There's just not enough hours in the day.  I guess I need to set an action plan!

Reader Leaders Bulletin Board

Reader Leader Bulletin Board
for our challenge words that we use during writing time.

I had a Reader Leaders Bulletin Board last year for my students' reading goals, but I decided to change it up this year to display challenge words under the alphabet letters this year.  Thanks goes to my wonderful mom!  She helped me keep these circles straight.  I created the circles and letters on my Cricut with scrapbooking paper.


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