Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Classroom Ornaments

Classroom Christmas Ornaments

Classroom Ornaments at Christmas time is one of my favorite activities to do with my kiddos. If you are like me your teacher mind is starting to think about what you are gonna be having your kids do at school for this Christmas season. I pulled up a couple of easy to do ornaments my kids have enjoyed in the past.
Rudolph Puzzle Ornament
Classroom Christmas Ornament Rudolph Puzzle Ornament
What I love about this classroom Christmas reindeer craft is the easy to find materials: small ribbon, googly eyes, a tiny drop of red paint, brown paint, craft glue, and puzzle pieces!

Classroom Christmas Ornament Candy Cane Heart
The candy cane Christmas Ornament is super easy! I sometimes use hot glue...just keep the kids clear on that part.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Owl Investigations

Owl Investigations

Every October, I try to plan an owl pellet investigation for my 2nd graders.  This year, I actually got to use owl pellets from our area.  My sweet sister-in-law has a real live owl who lives in a tree at her house.  My sweet niece and sister-in-law picked them up for me a few months back and I froze them until October.  I wasn't for sure they would hold up, but they did just fine.  
Owl Investigations: Digging through Bones

Students used a chart to discover which type of rodent or bird fell prey to the owl.
 Students measured their owl pellets before breaking them in half.  They also made predictions on a chart about how many of each type of bone they would find.  They then used tally marks to get their actual total.  It's really amazing how many little bones can be inside an owl pellet!
Owl's are some bones...They really loved the skulls, but the picture I took was too clear.