Saturday, December 21, 2013

Math Flash Card Organization

Math Flash Card Mess
A Solution Idea

Math Flash Card Organization
I spent last Christmas break organizing my addition and subtraction flash cards. Well in the picture above you can see it was a big time mess again. So, I'm trying a different strategy this time. Hopefully I won't be in this situation next year!

Once I finally got the cards sorted, I used my hole puncher and then used my book rings to hold them together. See final images for my result.

I plan to have my upper level students pair with my strugglers after Christmas. I still have some kiddos who need to get their basic facts memorized.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Amazing Math Common Core Websites for Second Graders

I just wanted to share an amazing math website I just found tonight for all grade levels that is categorized into Common Core standards.  I look forward to using it with my second graders.  You can find it here: at Adapted Mind  Students earn badges as they progress. You can purchase a membership, but I was able to get on without a membership and start working problems.  I know if you are like me you are evaluating your midyear testing results and seeing what you have covered and not covered thus far.  It gets overwhelming trying to meet the needs of such diverse learners in one classroom.

Another great math website is  You definitely can get a lot without purchasing with this site.  You are allowed to create your class roster and assign class standards to work on as well as individual.  Students can work at home and at school with their own password. more great website for the Common Core math standards:  This site has so many games that you can print and make that go right with bridging the gap in our standards.  It is amazing and the games are easy to create by printing, putting into a page protector, adding dice, counters, etc. of stuff you probably already have in your math kit.

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Celebrate Second Grade Classroom Decor

Our  Celebrate Second Grade Classroom Decor 

Well, I didn't get to paint my classroom the first summer, but my dear sweet hubby helped me this past summer.  We painted late at night because he has a business and I help him in my spare time.  It took several long nights and lots of country songs later, but we managed to get it taken care of the week before the kiddos arrived.  I chose to go with 2 colors and they make me happy when I walk in the room, so maybe I did something right.

2 Tone Classroom Paint with Pom Poms

 The pom poms were an addition as well.  I made them myself thanks to a Pinterest tutorial!

 Picture Before Leaderhip Words

Camp Lead a Lot
Display Bookcase for Beginning of Year

I used the book shelf to display camping gear...picnic basket, fake food, fishing basket, flashlight, and of course by beginning of the year favorite books to read.  The kiddos loved it.  They were especially questioning of the fake bread! :) 

Picture After Leadership Words

Leadership Inspiration Words

 I wanted something on the wall that showcased inspiring words.  My goal...leader in me style...I guess it has taken hold of my to display quotes throughout my classroom.  I have a Cricut and I use sticky vinyl to print so that I can paste on the wall easily.  I have printed a ton for our school.  My room has taken a back burner until now.  There's just not enough hours in the day.  I guess I need to set an action plan!

Reader Leaders Bulletin Board

Reader Leader Bulletin Board
for our challenge words that we use during writing time.

I had a Reader Leaders Bulletin Board last year for my students' reading goals, but I decided to change it up this year to display challenge words under the alphabet letters this year.  Thanks goes to my wonderful mom!  She helped me keep these circles straight.  I created the circles and letters on my Cricut with scrapbooking paper.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Camp Lead a Lot: Our Leader in Me Mission Statement

Welcome to Camp Lead a Lot:
Our Leader in Me Mission Statement

 Camp Lead a Lot: 

Our Leader in Me Mission Statement

Well better late than never I guess!!  I know it is almost halfway through the year, and I am just now posting my beginning of the year festivities.  Our school began the Leader in Me journey last year.  We have made so much progress in this area at our school from painting the walls in the hall, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas.  We put up quotes, painted our classrooms, and brainstormed ways to give our students the tools to become leaders in every avenue of school and home life.  We are really trying to bridge the gap with these kiddos.  

I'm going to show you the outside first.  I'll do my best to give you a peak inside in tomorrow's post.  I had each student do their mission statement for the year, and I posted a small picture and their ideas for making themselves and our classroom better this year.  I will leave it up the entire year as a reminder of their goals.  As a 7 Habits or Leader in Me School, this is one thing that is suggested for each student in the school.  It is important to set goals and to look back to see if they have been attained.
Sharpen the Saw: Habit #7 in the Tree Top
"Tree"mendous Adventures in Leadership
7 Habits are the steps up the ladder.  In the tree top, there's a tree
house with Sharpen the Saw: Habit #7 posted!

I used brown pipe cleaners as my rope on the tree.

Come Back Soon!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Geographic Regions: A Social Studies Unit in Second Grade

 Geographic Regions: 

Desert, Tropical Rain Forest, and Polar Region
Above is a display of the artifacts I used throughout this unit to
introduce the desert region, polar region, and tropical rain forest

A Social Studies Unit in Second Grade

In second grade, we study geographic regions.  This year I decided to tackle this unit in the first part of the year.  I introduced the unit with the desert region.  I gave students clues to what we would be studying through my backpack and suitcase attire.  They noticed the backpack and suitcase early in the day and all I would tell them was that we would be taking  a little field trip later in the day.  So, when I finally took out the bags, they were beside themselves with excitement.  I pulled out sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, hiking shoes, a long sleeve shirt, a compass, a flashlight, etc.  Each time I pulled something, I had them guess where they thought I could be going in the world.  By the end, they finally guessed "The Desert!"

I used one of my bulletin board to display information as we studied jobs, history, what was common in the region, and where on the map each region is located.  The students enjoyed researching information on the Internet and discussing the similarities and huge differences in each region.

This unit would be a great one to use as a coming back from Christmas unit to get the kids excited about learning again!
Our Geographic Environments Graphic Organizer

tropical rain forest artifacts
Close up View of the Tropical Rain Forest Artifacts
Polar Region Artifacts
Close up View of the Polar Region Artifacts

Desert Artifacts
Close of View of the Desert Artifacts