Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Geographic Regions: A Social Studies Unit in Second Grade

 Geographic Regions: 

Desert, Tropical Rain Forest, and Polar Region
Above is a display of the artifacts I used throughout this unit to
introduce the desert region, polar region, and tropical rain forest

A Social Studies Unit in Second Grade

In second grade, we study geographic regions.  This year I decided to tackle this unit in the first part of the year.  I introduced the unit with the desert region.  I gave students clues to what we would be studying through my backpack and suitcase attire.  They noticed the backpack and suitcase early in the day and all I would tell them was that we would be taking  a little field trip later in the day.  So, when I finally took out the bags, they were beside themselves with excitement.  I pulled out sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, hiking shoes, a long sleeve shirt, a compass, a flashlight, etc.  Each time I pulled something, I had them guess where they thought I could be going in the world.  By the end, they finally guessed "The Desert!"

I used one of my bulletin board to display information as we studied jobs, history, what was common in the region, and where on the map each region is located.  The students enjoyed researching information on the Internet and discussing the similarities and huge differences in each region.

This unit would be a great one to use as a coming back from Christmas unit to get the kids excited about learning again!
Our Geographic Environments Graphic Organizer

tropical rain forest artifacts
Close up View of the Tropical Rain Forest Artifacts
Polar Region Artifacts
Close up View of the Polar Region Artifacts

Desert Artifacts
Close of View of the Desert Artifacts


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