Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Second Grade Dental Health Activities

Second Grade Dental Health Activities
Dental Health with Marshmallows & Pink Plate
On Friday we celebrated dental health month with some dental health activites.  Students learned about the different parts of a tooth and labeled a diagram.  They discussed and wrote about how to take care of their teeth.  Students' favorite part of their dental study was getting to make their own mouth full of teeth.  Students also solved math word problems about teeth.  My student teacher brought in all the supplies: pink plates and small marshmallows.  The students had a ball.  My favorite was one of my sweet little boys that had to create a mouth just like his with a couple of spaces of missing teeth!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Second Grade Penguin Unit

My fabulous student teacher did an amazing job with her second grade penguin unit.  She incorporated all the subjects into her science unit.  Here are some anchor charts she created to go with her lessons:

Second Grade Penguin Unit

This last chart was my favorite lesson.  She created a display on our classroom door of the different heights of penguins and let each student come to the door to measure and see if they were taller, shorter, or the same height as the Emperor Penguin.  The kiddos loved the activity and getting to interact with this lesson.  Way to go Miss Murphree!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Second Grade Science and Math with Balancing and Weighing

Second Grade Science and Math with Balancing and Weighing
Students have enjoyed learning about the cold climates of both the north and south poles and I wanted to connect that knowledge to our balancing and weighing unit that we are currently working on.  So, students enjoyed a short day study about Eskimos where they researched information. 

Students enjoyed creating a mobile to demonstrate their knowledge of balancing and weighing.  Students watched the YouTube video above showing the work of Alexander Calder to see what a mobile looks like prior to getting their materials and beginning to construct their own mobiles.

It was very interesting to watch students.  Some were able to easily use their straws paperclips and cutouts to create a balanced mobile.  Others quickly became frustrated if things didn't go according to their plan.  I still believe hands-on learning is one of the best ways for students to learn and make sense of their own learning!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Second Grade Music Lessons

Second Grade Music Lessons
Percussion Family Anchor Chart

Music lessons for second grade: My kiddos have enjoyed studying about the different categories of music.  I think the percussion family was probably their favorite.  As we studied the different families, I posted the different families on four different pieces of chart paper.  This was used throughout our music lessons as a reference source.  Students were then able to refer to the anchor charts throughout our study.  I found the pictures and information online.  Also, since our reading story was Ah, Music, we used websites that I have here at Celebrate Second Grade as one of our reading rotations.  Students enjoyed exploring these music websites during their reading station time!  Just scroll down to the music section to find the websites we used! Students also enjoyed getting to incorporate real music into our day as we danced to some songs I have saved to my Pinterest board titled Brain Breaks.

Second Grade Music Lessons: String Family
String Family Anchor Chart

Second Grade Music Lessons: Woodwinds
Woodwind Family Anchor Chart

Second Grade Musis Lessons: Brass Family
Brass Family Anchor Chart

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Secret Service Valentine Project

Secret Service Valentine Project - DAY 1


This is how students received their mission! They were totally pumped!


Calendar Planning for Mission

Working on today's mission!

Excitement was in the air today!

Thinking about the mission!

Free Secret Service Valentine Project

Do you have the perfect Secret Service Valentine Project for your kiddos?  Well, now you do with my freebie, Secret Service Valentine Project.  Here are some views from my 8 day unit that can be used more than 8 days if you choose.  It can easily be applied to the 7 Habits if you are a Leader in Me School, or to simply share love this Valentine season.  If you download now, you will have time get your unit printed out, put together and ready to go in time for the Valentine's Day.  You may want to wait and start your project on Valentine's Day or go ahead and get started now.  Either way, I hope you enjoy.  Read below to find out how to download.

Secret Service Agent Badge

Top Secret Agent Calendar
Here's how to get your Secret Service Unit (47 pages): You just need to complete 3 easy steps.
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Once you've completed these 3 steps, click here to download your Valentine Secret Service Unit.