Sunday, February 10, 2013

Second Grade Music Lessons

Second Grade Music Lessons
Percussion Family Anchor Chart

Music lessons for second grade: My kiddos have enjoyed studying about the different categories of music.  I think the percussion family was probably their favorite.  As we studied the different families, I posted the different families on four different pieces of chart paper.  This was used throughout our music lessons as a reference source.  Students were then able to refer to the anchor charts throughout our study.  I found the pictures and information online.  Also, since our reading story was Ah, Music, we used websites that I have here at Celebrate Second Grade as one of our reading rotations.  Students enjoyed exploring these music websites during their reading station time!  Just scroll down to the music section to find the websites we used! Students also enjoyed getting to incorporate real music into our day as we danced to some songs I have saved to my Pinterest board titled Brain Breaks.

Second Grade Music Lessons: String Family
String Family Anchor Chart

Second Grade Music Lessons: Woodwinds
Woodwind Family Anchor Chart

Second Grade Musis Lessons: Brass Family
Brass Family Anchor Chart


Rachel Matteson

When I was a kid, percussion was also my favorite. Perhaps there is something about these instruments that stick to people's minds even when they grow up. There are lots of musicians who use the guitar compared to other types of instruments. :)

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