Friday, March 16, 2012

Measurement, Weather, and Bees

We have been measuring everything in sight for the past couple of weeks. This is one area I feel is very real-life connected, so we are spending enough time measuring with actual standard and non-standard units of measure. My kiddos really enjoyed getting to create feet in a yard. I found this idea on Pinterest, and I really think it helped my sweeties connect and put in their little brains that 3 feet make a yard. They then used their yard's to measure during the hands-on part of our lesson.

We had such a fun week continuing our weather study. I purchased Hope King's Cloudy with a Chance unit from TPT and my kids have learned so much. They have enjoyed making weather tools, writing about meteorologists, researching severe weather, and so much more.

Next week, we will wrap it up with cloud watching and reporting as well as performing a weather play.

We were feeling a little lucky today as we celebrated St. Patrick's Day today since the actual day will be on Saturday. Students wrote about their lucky day. They really enjoyed writing their final copy with green ink pens, I got this idea several years ago from a friend I met when I was taking my master's classes. Her name is Kamesha Brown. For math, we created a leprehaun using a glyph. We also made tally marks and created a graph using Lucky Charms cereal. Students really enjoyed eating green cupcakes at snack made by one of my fabulous student's grandmother.

We were entertained by a local bee keeper. He came dressed and everything! Our reading story last week was The Bee and so we were so excited when Mr. Beavers agreed to come and talk about beekeeping!