Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 10 Back to School Teacher Supplies

It's that time again to get your teacher supplies organized and ready for back to school and here are my top 10!  What's in your Teacher Toolbox? What must I have to organize my day in second grade?  Well, I'm gonna tell ya now! This is a list of items I need to do a good job along with how I use them.

Top Tools of my trade:

1) Chart Paper for anchor charts and number talks

2) SMART Board for reading lessons, math lessons, and just about everything in between.  This could be my number 1 tool. By the way, I have a little decorating tip too to accent your SMART Board.  Add border to it to highlight it and give it a more interesting frame. Just a little tip for your classroom decor!

3) Sharpie Markers that won't bleed through chart paper (I'm now down to 2 colors.  Evidently the classroom ghost has been in again.  At least that's who I'm claiming takes over when my scatterbrain starts!

4) Expo Markers - Gotta have an abundance of these for small group and whole group instruction for sure in reading and math with marker boards and math games!

5) Folders - 3 sets for future planning - This is one of my best organization implementations yet!

6) Post-it notes - for student interaction with charts

7) Index cards - for recording trouble words

8) Construction paper - great mat for writing, adds color to a lesson instead of plain old white notebook paper