Monday, January 21, 2013

Math on Monday: Common Core with Number Talks

Thousands: Place Value

Number Talk
We worked on the thousands place on Friday.  We did a number talk to see what students know about 1,000.  Students helped me with our anchor chart throughout our discussion.  I was excited that the remembered skills that we have covered.  They brought in looking at the ones place to determine if the number is even or odd no matter how big the number.  They remembered the greater than less than sign.  They are beginning to recognize that even though you have a bigger number, you don't forget about the hundreds, tens, and ones.

Place Value to the Thousands

After our Number Talk, I gave students a piece of construction paper and had them fold it hotdog style twice.  Then students drew lines down the folds.  At the top of each column, I had students write thousands, hundreds, tens, ones.  Then I called out different thousand numbers.  I emphasized using the comma with the thousand.  It was fun to see students start to understand when I would throw a tricky number in with zeros. 

If you would like to know more about the Number Talk book, it is a great teacher resource. Number Talks is a great way to incorporate mental math strategies and see your students start to really communicate about what they know.


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