Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Happy Teacher, A Healthy Teacher - 4 Tips on Staying Well This Winter

A Healthy Teacher is a Happy Teacher - 

4 Tips on Staying Well this Winter

Keeping a teacher healthy is not always easy, but it makes this teacher happy!  Do you remember how sick you became when you first started teaching?  Boy do I!  I remember a few Christmas vacations in the beginning of my teaching career that lead to bed rest and no family get togethers.  So, I thought I might share with you how I now stay well through the winter months.  There are a few simple tips that I have learned over the years.

A Healthy Teacher is a Happy Teacher!!!
1) Probably the best tip: Take vitamin C every day! I may go to the extreme, but I take 1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg at night.  It is a vitamin, so what your body doesn't need, it gets rid of.  There is no one certain kind to take, but I do love the flavor of the Vitamin C packets.

I also like these other vitamins: D-3, Prenatal - even if you're not planning on you know, and Ultra CoQ10.
A Healthy Teacher is a Happy Teacher - 4 Tips on Staying Well this Winter

2) Get rest, extra if you need it.  I try to take a nap on Sunday evenings for sure and other days if I can grab a little snooze, I feel better.
3) Eat veggies and salad.  Eating right is not always easy, but if you could just add 1 or 2 different good for you things to your diet each day, think about the difference it would make!  I know this sounds corny, but veggies are good for your system.  Yes, listen to your mom!  Don't forget the water!  I carry a 32 ounce jug to school and only drink about 10 ounces while I am at school.  Then I chug the rest on the way home.  Needless to say, I give the ladies room a workout after school!
4) Exercise - If you can't do a lot - do 15 minutes of walking.  I promise, it's not so scary.  A little each day gives you extra energy later.  I can tell a difference!!


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