Tuesday, January 22, 2013

12 Reasons Why Teachers Need the New Surface Tablet: Product Review


A week ago I purchased the new Surface Tablet from Microsoft.  I had been watching the commercials on tv for quite some time and they always got my attention.  So, I began some research online to find out more about them.  I had been hunting a tablet for a while and thought I would probably go with a different brand until I saw this one.

12 Reasons to Love the Surface Tablet

  1. I really liked that it had this kickstand thing on the back and could stand up on its own.  
  2. I also loved that it could click in place magnetically with the keyboards.
  3. Keyboards come in fun colors.  I chose pink. :) (Keyboards do have to be purchased separate.
  4. The keyboard has a second function as a cover for the Surface tablet.
  5. It can be touch screen or easily snap the keyboard in and use the keyboard.
  6. Keyboard is light and thin.
  7. It is easy to carry and hold.
  8. Battery life is good.  I used it several days without charging.
  9. You can use Microsoft products easily.  They are already installed - Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel 2013.
  10. It has tons of great magazine articles from your favorite magazines categorized under your News like People, Forbes, US Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN.  There are lots more.  I just listed some I really like.
  11. It features Games, a Camera, Music, and Video.
  12. The Surface is easy to navigate as you slide the pages and interact.

My video review of the Surface Tablet


Do you use a Tablet in Teaching?

What tablet do you use and how do you use it as a teacher?


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